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Logan Utah

Ogden Utah

Bountiful Utah

Jordan River Utah

Mt. Timpanogos Utah

Provo Utah

Manti Utah

Vernal Utah

Monticello Utah

Saint George Utah

Idaho Falls Idaho

Boise Idaho


Las Vegas Nevada





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LDS Photo brings truly unique and one of a kind photography by Craig Randall. His perspective on LDS photography is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Take a minute to browse his latest collection of amazing photos.

LDS Temple Collection:

The pure majesty of these temples is seen for the first time in this collection. No other LDS temple collection has ever given you this perspective.

You now have the opportunity to view and own prints from this incredible collection!

It currently includes 13 temples located throughout the western states, and is growing quickly. Please check back often to see what new temples are available.

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Note from the photographer:

These aerial photos were taken be means of a remote controlled airplane between 2004 and 2006, long before drones with cameras were even thought of. Craig’s technology was simply too ahead of its time.

When Craig’s photos ended up in front of the head of the LDS Temple department, he scoffed at Craig’s photos and said “Who wants to see the temples from above”. Now Craig’s concept of the remote eye-in-the-sky is as common in the media as the camera itself.

Craig no longer sells prints, he has moved onto bigger and better things, but feel free to browse around and enjoy a wonderful two year period of Craig’s life.

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